Gordo Cigar from LeCigaro

Gordo 62'' Ring Cigar 


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Gordo is a Special Roll Cigar.

It is an imposing cigar from a size perspective – its 62 ring gauge makes its presence known immediately. It is firm to the touch but shows some give when squeezed, yet there is no doubt that it’s well packed. The veins are fairly sizable, though not distracting, and having had the chance to see some of the plants on the farm used for wrapper leaves, they seem to match up pretty closely with what I would expect. The cigar also features a partially closed foot to deliver some extra kick from the wrapper out of the gate. The pre-light aroma smells like your favorite warm meal served on warm wheat bread, while the cold draw is easy and has cereal notes with a cooling effect on the palate. As should be no surprise, the cigar feels huge in the mouth, with no box press to take some of the edges off the size.
Enjoy a serious size cigar, yet fits comfortably in the hand with an easy draw.