The Presidential Gift Set

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For some men, few things say luxury more than a legitimate repurposed Presidential Gift Set can. This Presidential Gift Set is perfect for cigar lovers because it contains all that they would want: two lighters jets, cigar cutter, ashtray, a cigar cutter and a fancy cigar scissor, alongside a cigar punch not one but two to cover all cigar sizes, a cigar holder, a cigar stand and a cigar tube and even a luxurious Desktop Cigar Cutter.
This set makes a fantastic gift for cigar lovers because it has all the essentials for
enjoying cigars to the full and then some!



  • Double jet flame flint gas refillable cigar lighter
  • double jet flame flint gas lighter with cigar punch tool on the bottom
  • ashtray
  • desktop cigar cutter
  • cigar cutter
  • cigar scissors
  • cigar tube
  • cigar punch 2 size
  • cigar stands
  • cigar holder

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